Nina Blume

Is a Berlin-based designer, reseracher, editor and curator. Besides developing her own projects, she finds her passionate role in creating (plat)forms to bring different voices together through printed publications, curated group exhibitions, dinner rounds, or experimental events.

Nina is one-third of the curatorial collective (Non)Depleted and an artist member of the project space Gr_und. Currently working as an editorial assistant at Making Futures, a practice-based research project of the architecture studio Raumlabor.



Gr_und, Berlin, Germany 04/2021

Dutch Design Week 2020, Netherlands, 10/2020

FH Postdam, Germany 2015—2021

ZHdK, Zurich, 2018


Gr_und, Berlin, Germany 06/2019



Gr_und is a nonprofit artist run space situated in Wedding, Berlin. With its 170m² it is an active space for the materialisation of curated concepts and artistic experimentation. Using multi-displinary methods of visual art, performance, sound and linguistics.

Since 2019 I joined the team, working on the various task to maintain, organise and celebrate the exhibtions taking place at Gr_und. The work includes, among other things, meetings with the artists, physiscal materialisation of the concepts, working behind the bar during openings, looking for funding oppertunities and designing artist publications. 

Gr_und  Team:
Anna Frick, Cédric Mantel, Damien Sayer, James Verhille, Nina Blume

Site-specific installation LN2 VAPOR by Théo Pożoga & Benoit Ménard. On show in Gr_und October 26 to November 14, 2019. 

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