Nina Blume

Is a Berlin-based designer, reseracher, editor and curator. Besides developing her own projects, she finds her passionate role in creating (plat)forms to bring different voices together through printed publications, curated group exhibitions, dinner rounds, or experimental events.

Nina is one-third of the curatorial collective (Non)Depleted and an artist member of the project space Gr_und. Currently working as an editorial assistant at Making Futures, a practice-based research project of the architecture studio Raumlabor.



Gr_und, Berlin, Germany 04/2021

Dutch Design Week 2020, Netherlands, 10/2020

FH Postdam, Germany 2015—2021

ZHdK, Zurich, 2018


Gr_und, Berlin, Germany 06/2019


One Moment

ZHdK, 2018

From the exploration of smells to the development of a corporate identity for an ficitive perfume brand, the workshop “Parfume in dialogue” explored the world of scents, their historical background and phycological effects in lectures, workshops and excursions.

The project “One Moment” focuses on everyday smells and the stories or memories we associate with these smells. Like the smell of a conference room, childhood memories of plasticiser or the morning reading of the newspaper. Rather than following the main focus of perfumes to “smell better for others”, this brand focuses on intimate interaction with the scents.
The visual language was inspired by Erwin Wurm’s “one-minute sculptures” and staged photographically with the help of Charlotte Daniëlse.

Course: “Perfume in dialogue”, Patrik Ferrarelli, ZHdK

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