Nina Blume

Is a Berlin-based designer, reseracher, editor and curator. Besides developing her own projects, she finds her passionate role in creating (plat)forms to bring different voices together through printed publications, curated group exhibitions, dinner rounds, or experimental events.

Nina is one-third of the curatorial collective (Non)Depleted and an artist member of the project space Gr_und. Currently working as an editorial assistant at Making Futures, a practice-based research project of the architecture studio Raumlabor.



Gr_und, Berlin, Germany 04/2021

Dutch Design Week 2020, Netherlands, 10/2020

FH Postdam, Germany 2015—2021

ZHdK, Zurich, 2018


Gr_und, Berlin, Germany 06/2019


Some Magazine #10 Fire

FHP, 2019/20

The Some Magazine was first published in 2010 under the direction of Prof. Sven Völker. The non-profit magazine has a foothold in independent publishing and was available in bookshops at MoMA in New York, Colette in Paris and Doyoureadme? in Berlin. The aim of the independent publication is to report on the interface between design and art.

The last issue was published in 2015; after this far too long break, our editorial team brought the magazine back to the bookshelves. Where it is now available in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherland and Portugal.
Issue #10 revisited the unloved element, “Fire”. While all our sympathies fly unchecked to the three other primordial elements, i.e. earth, water and air, fire looks into an uncertain future. Associated with catastrophes, over-romanticism or pre-industrialisation. For this issue, we gathered designers and artists to unpack the wide-ranging narratives of fire collectively in the categories: Symbol, Power, Transform and Intimacy.

DoYouReadMe?!, Berlin–Germany
Gudbergnerger, Hamburg–Germany
Motto, Geneva–Switzerland
Undercover, Lisbon–Portugal
Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum, Amsterdam–The Netherlands

Editorial Team:
Alma Halfpaap, Ariane Kaiser, Lea Flemming, Josephine Knoll, Kathrin Wedler, Nina Blume.

Christian Jaccard, Corrina Goutos, Erik Campanini, GeoVanna Gonzalez, Kimiya Justus, Moshtari Hilal, Nadine Kolodziey, Sebastian Guzman Olmos, studio ilio, Studio Olafur Eliasson

Course: “After Dark”, Prof. Sven Völker, FH Potsdam

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